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Tekstuele reviews

I have a worn knee, which has actually had to be replaced by an artificial joint for years. Because of my relatively young age, that surgery is always postponed. Fine, because daily functioning went smoothly with my work. Over time, the pain increased to such an extent that it seemed that surgery could no longer be postponed. Zohar's treatment has greatly reduced the pain level, from a 9 to a 3. Very happy with it. And the operation plans have been put on the back burner again.



No more back pain. For the first time in thirty years.


This is the best acupuncturist in the Netherlands. Zohar knows exactly what he is doing. After the treatment he also gives a brilliant Shiatsu massage with self-developed techniques. No one has ever touched the muscles around my spine... Not even my physiotherapist, who is also very good. Highly recommended!


Zohar is a very experienced professional. After months of pain in my shoulder and various treatments of physiotherapy, Zohar has finally brought relief from the pain with acupuncture. Slept well the night after treatment.


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