Would you like to feel better?
To feel like you were before it all began?
Let me show you how!!!

I know how it feels when suddenly your body start to betrays you.
Actions that were taken for granted, are becoming difficult and complicated.
But I have good news for you.
After so many years of experience and treating thousands of patients I tend to believe that I can help you.

These are part of my certificates.
I graduated my basic chinese medicine study in 1998.
I am a member of “Zhong” – Dutch Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine
My treatments are covered by most of the health insurance companies

That's what My patients, Colleagues and students said about me

Acupuncture in Amsterdam
Zohar Steg Acupunctuur

“Mr. Steg always strives for excellence and professionalism .He guides and teaches medical teams.”

Acupuncture in Amsterdam
Acupunctuur Maas en Waal

“After using pills, vaccination and injections of steroids for many years against allergies and sinusitis. Thanks to Zohar, I have a tremendous improvement in the quality of life.”

Acupuncture in Amsterdam
acupunctuur tegen rugpijn

“Sinds enkele weken ben ik op zohar Steg onder behandeling en ik ben zeer tevreden.
Mijn rug trauma en hoge bloeddruk verbeteren.
De zachte manier van de behandeling is erg mooi en zeker niet pijnlijk of eng.
Ik kan het iedereen aanraden. “

Acupuncture in Amsterdam
acupuncture in Amsterdam

“After 20 years of headaches and blocked nose, I must say that after only few acupuncture treatment, my headaches are gone and my nose is open most of the time.”

Acupuncture in Amsterdam
Zohar Steg - Acupuncturist

“I came to you as my last hope to get rid of my terrible shoulder pain and my insomnia.
After two months of acupuncture treatments, my condition has improved dramatically.
My health and quality of life improved significantly.”

Acupuncture in Amsterdam
acupunctuur in Amsterdam

“Thank you for a significant and important year for us.
not only as a teacher for students.
But, for being attentive to our needs,  for your calmness and wisdom.
Thanks for your willing to give, your patience and your constant smile.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Third year – Traditional Chinese medicine.”

Acupuncture in Amsterdam
Shiatsu Oil Massage

“Since my childhood I suffered from asthma and allergic rhinitis.
After four months of acupuncture, I could stop all my medicines. I feel better and breath better. My life are not the same any more.”

Acupuncture in Amsterdam
Acupunctuur in Nijmegen

“Thank you Zohar for the dedicated and professional treatment, and the wonderful results that produced by your acupuncture treatments.
For many years I suffered from recurrent allergy.
And with your help, these symptoms almost completely disappeared .”

Acupuncture in Amsterdam
Acupunctuur Appeltern

“I suffered from an allergy to trees pollens almost whole life.
I lost my sense of smell and got into depression.
Nasal drops, became for me like oxygen. I was really desperate. After three treatments with Zohar a big improvement occurred.
After a year, I stopped using nasal drops which I used before, three times a day for years.
I’m back in life..”

Acupuncture in Amsterdam
Acupuncture in Nijmegen

“After three treatments my backache were gone”

Acupuncture in Amsterdam
Acupunctuur in Amsterdam

“From the first moment I felt like I could breathe differently”

Acupuncture in Amsterdam

“Thank you for helping me to make my pregnancy much easier”

Acupuncture in Amsterdam
Acupunctuur in Nijmegen

“Thank you for the warmth, coziness professionalism and smile”