Acupuncture is the best known technique in which needles at precise points, on the so-called meridians, are inserted. As a result, the flow of the energy can be affected and blockages can be lifted. Thus, the balance in the body can be restored and maintained. This method is by far the best known in Europe. Such awareness is caused by the good results in pain relief. The WHO (World Health Organisation) has a list of diseases eligible for acupuncture treatment.

Shiatsu is a recognized method of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a form of massage which has been developed in Japan centuries ago. Shiatsu means finger pressure. As acupuncturists work Shiatsu therapists at points that are on the meridians (energy pathways), and moreover, they treat the whole meridians. It is usually given pressure with the thumbs. In addition, the Shiatsu therapist have a whole arsenal of techniques available which are aimed to eliminate energy blockages, to better drain the life energy and thus stimulate the self-healing ability of a human being. These include techniques palm of the hand, the stretching and otherwise mobilizing joints, connecting two energy points, et cetera.

Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling (FSN) is a new acupuncture therapy in which stimulate areas where nearby tightened muscles, or trigger
points so as to treat musculoskeletal related complaints and other
Due to its effectiveness and fast response to most soft tissue complaints, this technique has been widely spread and accepted by Chinese acupuncture practitioners in China and outside of China.
This technique can produce an incredible pain-relieving effect.
For some acute pain condition, such as muscular and ligaments strains, tennis elbow, or acute back pain, it can have almost instant pain reliving results.

It is an oil massage that comes from the Native American tradition. The massage combines touch of hands and hot magma stones.

What is special about it?

The hot stones, created at temperatures of the interior of the earth and immersed in stream water for centuries, reach a temperature of 70 degrees and are laid throughout the body, usually above a soft towel.
With the stones and the massage the body heats and slowly they release a gentle heat that spreads throughout the body.

This treatment combine the laying of stones with an oil massage to enhance the effect, thus strengthening the healing process.

Massage with essential oils that are tailor-made for you as a support and in accordance with your complaints.

Essential oils are known as supportive in many physical and mental problems.

Aromatherapy massage combines pleasant sensations and soothing Aromas. The combination of massage and essential oil treatment that uses touch and special aromas allows bring your body to a very deep levels of relaxation.

In Anti-stress massage, we use soft massage techniques to allow your body and mind to relax as deeply as possible.

You will feel light to firm kneading of the muscles, stretching is performed gently and wonderfully wavy and swaying movements of all parts of your body.