Shiatsu is a recognized method of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a form of massage which has been developed in Japan centuries ago. Shiatsu means finger pressure. As acupuncturists work Shiatsu therapists at points that are on the meridians (energy pathways), and moreover, they treat the whole meridians. It is usually given pressure with the thumbs. In addition, the Shiatsu therapist have a whole arsenal of techniques available which are aimed to eliminate energy blockages, to better drain the life energy and thus stimulate the self-healing ability of a human being. These include techniques palm of the hand, the stretching and otherwise mobilizing joints, connecting two energy points, et cetera.

The Treatment
Shiatsu consultation is to begin an interview, during which the therapist is using a number of key questions form a picture of the overall condition of his or her client and get an idea of the main complaints. Furthermore, the therapist will be using for example observation, a Hara (abdomen diagnosis), tongue and pulse diagnosis to establish a treatment plan. A Shiatsu therapist will always provide as the basis for restoring the energetic balance (Yin and Yang), and give treatment based only on symptoms. A Shiatsu treatment almost always brings a feeling of relaxation.

Oil Shiatsu
Oil shiatsu is a technique that I developed myself.
it is a combination of shiatsu, massage, and tuina.
I collected my knowledge and experience of many years’ into one special, relaxing, and effective treatment.
In most of the cases, I suggest to use acupuncture as well, especially in internal, and orthopedic problem.
Oil shiatsu is the best for relaxation and stress relieve.