Hot stone massage EN

This treatment is available only in Nijmegen by Marganit Steg.

What is it?

It is an oil massage that comes from the Native American tradition. The massage combines touch of hands and hot magma stones.

What is special about it?

The hot stones, created at temperatures of the interior of the earth and immersed in stream water for centuries, reach a temperature of 70 degrees and are laid throughout the body, usually above a soft towel.
With the stones and the massage the body heats and slowly they release a gentle heat that spreads throughout the body.

This treatment combine the laying of stones with an oil massage to enhance the effect, thus strengthening the healing process.

What is it good for?

The treatment focuses on stress areas.
The heat of the stones and the softness of the hands result in relieving tension, releasing blockages and muscles, calming the nervous system and balancing the body and mind which creates a feeling of freshness and harmony.