Custon aromatherapy massage EN

Custon aromatherapy massage

Massage with essential oils that are tailor-made for you as a support and in accordance with your complaints.

Essential oils are known as supportive in many physical and mental problems.

Aromatherapy massage combines pleasant sensations and soothing Aromas. The combination of massage and essential oil treatment that uses touch and special aromas allows bring your body to a very deep levels of relaxation.

The benefits of Essential Oils

The plant extract contains a high concentration of its active ingredients and therefore the benefit derived from them is remarkably high.

When the oil is massaged on the skin, the essential substances are absorbed into the skin while the rest of the oil evaporates, leaving a great aroma that helps soothe and even gives a feeling of stimulation and alertness.

When the active ingredients in the oil are absorbed into the lungs and the skin, they reach the bloodstream, through the massage. The therapist stimulates the blood circulation and thus the many benefits of the oils reach all body.


The essential oils are extracted from the leaves, roots, peels and seeds of various plants in the process of pressing and evaporation.

Common plants to use are lavender, mint, bergamot, chamomile, citrus, melissa, sage, fennel, rosemary, tea tree and many others.

Each plant has its purpose and benefits, some help with digestive problems, some soothe and relieve stress and some stimulate blood circulation and give a feeling of freshness.

It is important to inform your therapist about any chronic problem, illness, sensitivity and allergy you have.

Some oils may be ineffective and even cause discomfort in those who have sensitivity.

Please let us know in advance about any problem that may arise during the treatment.