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My Story

Zohar Steg

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Hi, I know how it feels when suddenly your body start to betray you.
Actions that were taken for granted, are becoming difficult and complicated.
But I have good news for you.
After so many years of experience and treating thousands of patients I tend to believe that I can help you.

I apologize for some arrogance, but because you don’t know me. That’s my way to tell you that you’ve come to the right place and you are in good hands.
I can almost assure you that soon you will feel much better and, when you meet me, you will meet, much more modest than might appear from this post.

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My name is Zohar,
Before I came to the Netherlands, about eight years ago , I was a very known acupuncturist in Israel and I had a very big clinic.
I taught Chinese medicine for about ten years in the open university in Tel Aviv.
At these days I treat much less people and give full attention to each patient.
I have two locations: one in Amsterdam and the other one in Nijmegen.

I’d be happy to hear from you.

On 2019 I founded a new acupuncture technique name IPRA123 (Immediate pain relief acupuncture).

Best regards,

I graduated my basic Chinese medicine study in 1998.
I am a member of “Zhong” – Dutch Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine

My treatments are covered by most of the health insurance companies

I see it as a target – to be kind of leading model for therapists of complementary medicine in the Netherlands.

In my clinic I always Place the patient in the center and seek to bring him to a speedy and complete recovery with maximum satisfaction.

I believe in quality professional service without compromising.

My goal is to expand the circle of complementary medicine services users and assimilate its values ​​as preventive medicine – as part of healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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