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Acupuncture with a guarantee!

If you have become used to pain and it has already become a part of you, You will surely be happy to discover the method that reduces pain quickly and effectively!

And now with a money-back guarantee!!!


Do you remember what it was like to get up every morning without pain?
Just open your eyes, get out of bed, and start your day with a lot of energy.

Without thinking about the angle of getting out of bed.

Without filtering a curse through your teeth.

Do you remember what it was like to sleep a whole night without waking up in pain?

Picking up your grandson, or just get on your bike and ride without pauses.

You got the idea, ha?

Come to discover the method that has helped more than 237 people in the past year to get rid of their back pain.


I know how it feels when suddenly your body starts to betray you.

I was there a few years ago, waking at night, with unbearable pain in my left leg, which in retrospect turned out to be a pain because of a cancerous growth.

I remember how at a time when I was suffering from insane pain, I said to myself:  "You have to find a solution to that pain, you can't go on like this anymore"

In my case, the solution was very aggressive treatments and probably this is not your case, and the solution is simple and accessible.

Before you keep on reading let's make sure this is the right treatment for you.

Do you have pain in at least one joint?
Is the pain local and not systemic?
(It shouldn't be a disease that involves several joints)
Has the pain been there for two months or more? (Can be even 30 years of pain).

If all the answers are "Yes", the offer is right for you, and you are more than welcome to keep on reading.

You are invited to enjoy a very quick relief of your pain already in the first treatment, or at the latest in the third.

We are so confident in the phenomenal chances of success that we are willing to give you a guarantee for it!!!

IPRA123 is a unique acupuncture method with an excellent and quick response to local muscle and joint pain.

We are talking about 70% to 80% success and therefore willing to take a risk and give a guarantee for the results.

What is the deal you can get?

We are talking about an initial series of three treatments for which we give a warranty.

In most cases, a significant improvement will be felt already in the first treatment.

This will be an initial indication for you whether to continue with more treatments.

However, to decide if the treatment is the right one for you, three treatments are required.
After the third treatment, usually, we see improvement over a longer period

(Of at least several days, or for all week).

This is the stage where a decision will be made whether to continue with further treatments to achieve a much greater and long-lasting improvement or to stop.

We are talking about reducing pain or improving the range of motion by at least 30%.


If the improvement is minor, the treatment will be stopped, and you will be able to get 100% of your money back.

In most cases, there is a marked improvement, up to full recovery after about six treatments.


Throughout the first six weeks, we offer to come at least once a week.

In some cases, after the sixth treatment, maintenance treatments will be required every four to six weeks.

Lower back pain for  20 years

Back pain is gone after 4 or 5 IPRA123 treatments

Maybe you ask yourself:
“How can we calculate the percentages”?


We are human lovers and believe in the integrity of most people.
In our experience, most people are grateful for the improvement and pay lovingly.


There are cases that are measurable:

We encounter many cases in the clinic where there is an imbalance in the pelvis, which can be the cause of the pain.

Instead of offering insoles, which fix the problem, this can be solved with the help of the same acupuncture method, and it is very easy to see a difference of 2 cm in the length of the legs significantly reduced, or completely erased in most cases.


unfortunately, when it comes to the human body, we cannot guarantee 100% success

And hence:

If you are not satisfied and do not see an improvement of at least 30% in your judgment, you will get 100% of your money back.

What is your investment in yourself?

As you understand, you are going to receive from us a series of IPRA123 treatments, which will most likely eliminate your pain.

The value of this treatment plan for you and the change it is about to bring in your life is immense.

The cost of 3 sessions, including the first session (in which a comprehensive interview will be conducted), is €259.


Of course, with the 100% refund guarantee, which you probably will not need ;-)

If your health insurance covers acupuncture, you will be able to claim the relative part that the insurance company reimburses you.

What are the most common problems that require this treatment?

Mostly orthopedic problems, such as:

  • Lower back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Neck pain

  • Tennis elbow (also known as lateral epicondylitis)

  • Shoulder pain

  • Headaches

  • Tendonitis

  • Correction of the difference in the legs ’length

  • Etc...

What can you expect from such a series of treatments?

In most cases at the end of an average series of about six treatments l expect you to come out with no pain at all, or with significant relief in the level of pain and range of motion.

Significant relief is expected in about 70-80% of the cases

Who is the treatment not suitable for?

In some cases, maintenance treatments of once a month, or
two months will be required.

The "test" period is the first three treatments.
If you do not see any improvement within the first three
treatments, we will say goodbye as friends, and I will not try to attract you to more and more treatments.

So fast, the method works!

IPRA123 is the best treatment for muscle and joint pain because of its fast results, high efficiency, and simplicity.

The treatment is not suitable for problems such as:
Phantom pain,
Systemic joint problems,
Emergencies that require a visit to the hospital ...

The treatment is also not suitable for those who are not open to trying at least three treatments.

In most cases, you can expect some improvement during and after the first treatment, but certainly not always and three treatments, are the minimum required to test the method

NOTE: By filling out the contact form you are giving us the right to send you emails.

Great improvement in back and neck aches

No more neck pain or limitation in the neck


Today again walked home pain-free after an acupuncture treatment by Zohar. My back feels very relaxed, which I did not feel for a very long time. I am super happy with all treatments I had so far and grateful to find this place! I absolutely recommend Zohar Steg.

- Mina

30 years without pain!

- Michael

Maybe you ask yourself, what is the catch?
We do this for two reasons:
1. We want to see you joining our clientele.
2. This is our way of proving to you that you have made the best choice, to get rid of the pain without taking risks.

The procedure is very simple:

After reading this page, fill in the details and you will receive the proof voucher directly to the best email you will leave.
In the email. You will receive a link that will lead you directly to the IPRA123 website.
On the website, you will choose your suitable clinic for treatment (Amsterdam or Nijmegen)
After clicking on the link, you will be taken to the online appointment system (do not forget to confirm the cookies so that you can
continue to coordinate).

Now is the time to choose the right treatment.
The treatment you should choose is "IPRA123 - First treatment and consult"
Then you need to choose the day and time that is most convenient for you.
The system will send you a confirmation message to the email you leave.

And all that is left, is to simply arrive on the day and time you set for your treatment.
In case of no–show, for the appointment you have scheduled, I expect you to pay the agreed amount!

How is the process structured?

Ipra123 treatment is basically like a standard acupuncture treatment.

The huge advantage of this treatment is that in most cases there is immediate relief in the level of pain and limitation of movement already in the first treatment.

In the first stage, you will arrive at the "acquaintance" treatment where we will ask you about your medical history regarding the specific complaint and more medical background that can contribute to the treatment.

In this session, you will already receive the first treatment, which in most cases brings initial relief.

In the second stage, I will expect you to arrive at at least two more treatments which are defined as the "trial period".

The ideal frequency in most cases is about once a week, but in some cases (more acute), I would recommend two treatments a week.

We expect a more significant improvement during the first three treatments, which will also be felt during the week.

In most cases, six treatments are sufficient to experience a really big improvement up to complete healing.
Even in chronic cases of 10 and 20 years.


In about six weeks, the chances are very high that you will feel much younger.

Neck aches and headaches of many years are gone

No more painkillers - Back pain

NOTE: By filling out the contact form you are giving us the right to send you emails.

Great knee pain relief after the first treatment

Higher energy and less headaches after a concussion


Today again walked home pain-free after an acupuncture treatment by Zohar. My back feels very relaxed, which I did not feel for a very long time. I am super happy with all treatments I had so far and grateful to find this place! I absolutely recommend Zohar Steg.

- Jessica Lake

I didn't know what to expect but it was a very nice surprise. Zohar is a really calm, caring professional and I would recommend him to everyone, every day

- Carly

Zohar Steg - clean standing photo.png

Nice to meet you:
I know how it feels when suddenly your body starts to betray
Actions that were taken for granted, are becoming difficult and complicated.
But I have good news for you.
After so many years of experience and treating thousands of
patients, I tend to believe that I can help you.
I apologize for some arrogance, but because you do not know me. That’s my way of telling you that you’ve come to the right place, and you are in good hands.
I can almost assure you that soon you will feel much better and when you meet me, you will meet, a much more modest man than might appear from this post.

My name is Zohar.
Before I came to the Netherlands, about eight years ago, I was a very well-known acupuncturist in Israel, and I had a very big clinic.
I taught Chinese medicine for about ten years at the open
university in Tel Aviv.
These days I treat much fewer people and give full attention to each patient.
I have two locations: one in Amsterdam and the other one in
In 2019 I founded a new acupuncture technique name
IPRA123 (Immediate pain relief acupuncture).
I’d be glad to hear from you.
Best regards,

NOTE: By filling out the contact form you are giving us the right to send you emails.

Oh, something important:
Beyond the unique treatment of IPRA123, you will also benefit from traditional acupuncture treatment.
We combine it in many cases that we find it needed.

Beyond that, we see many cases where the very relief of pain leads to a great improvement in the level of energy, headaches, and general well-being.

NOTE: By filling out the contact form you are giving us the right to send you emails.

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