The clinic prices:

For a single acupuncture treatment – 60 euros.

For a single combined 60 minutes (net) acupuncture & shiatsu oil massage treatment – 70 euros.

For a 75 minutes (net) single facial acupuncture treatment – 80 euros.

For any 5 treatments – Get 1 treatment as a gift. (5+1)

For optimal results I recommend a series of treatments.

Invoice: You’ll get it by e-mail.  you can transfer the payment via the bank transfer or cash.

Compensation: Acupuncture treatments are reimbursed by different insurers. you can find more information about the different packages in:

Reserved  treatments that are canceled at list 24 hours in advance won’t be charged.

The treatments are being done in accordance with the guidelines of the professional association NVTCG Zhong.